Our Mission


SprockGear believes that the future lies in the hands of our youth, the next generation of leaders.  For this reason we are here to take action by empowering youth through higher education.  A portion of each purchase will be designated to build college scholarships to aide deserving youth with the passion to make a bold difference in our world.

We reside in a vast diverse world in desperate need of authentic leaders who thirst for equality, justice, and truth.  Leaders courageous and bold enough to stand on moral values, integrity and honesty.

Get in gear with SprockGear!  It takes a collective effort to produce change.  Take action for change with us in the same way gears function to interlock~ transmitting power which results in an evolution of action, promoting a resilient movement in change.  Our hope is our designs will not only empower you to take action but, will lead you in the collective effort of making a bold difference in the lives of our next generation of youth!