Our Mission



Get in gear with SprockGear!  Words have impact. They have substance and are able to empower, encourage, diminish and tear away at a person. What is SprockGear’s mission?  Simple. We want to lift up, encourage, empower you with our designs. When you wear a t-shirt you are able to make a statement. Our designs are geared for you to make a positive and uplifting statement. We hope when others encounter you – they walk away thinking how they can be more accountable for themselves and eventually others.

It takes a collective effort to produce change.  Take action for change with us in the same way gears function to interlock~ transmitting power which results in an evolution of action, promoting a resilient movement for change.  Our hope is our designs will not only empower you to clothe yourself in a spirit of truth, love, & peace. We desire you to wear our gear in confidence while transmitting positivity to all who encounter you.

Share your favorite Sprock gear with friends and family and let the positivity grow!