Kind Words Are Like Honey

A few months ago, Melania Trump, made an urge for “more kindness and compassion”.  The media was in a frenzy discussing how her husband is quite the opposite of ‘kindness’ and ‘compassion’. I mean I have to agree. We can’t make a call to action for “more kindness” when the epitome of intolerance breeds the halls of your home. Is there kindness in the action of Trump while engaging with his own children? Or does our dear president breathe mercilessness while spewing toxic words of intolerance with his children? There is something to be said when our actions don’t align with the very words that we speak. Melania, if you are out there – are you deaf to the words your husband speaks? Where is the personal accountability in the hypocrisy of speaking words for all to take action when our very action ignore the poison seeping from our operation.

I saw these words, “kind words are like honey- sweet to the soul.” We spew out words as if there is no value or substance. But, what if we could sweeten our words more. I find myself telling my son, “add a little sugar to your words and try again”.
What aren’t we taken more time to reflect on the words we speak? I heard this young lady say at work one day, “kill me already”. I cringed thinking to myself and listening to her rant about how her tasks were slowly cutting her down and seeping the life out of her. If only she knew, words have power. We have a choice to STOP the bleeding. Pour honey over each letter and allow for the word to saturate in sweetness. As the words penetrate the heart vessel, life emerges while the spirit is encouraged and empowered to sustain another day.

We never know how a little act of kindness, or kind words will build up a legacy of goodness and an army of greatness.

KindWordsAreLikeHoney_Wreath_Artboard 1

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