Each individual has a voice and an opportunity to make choices – the ability to take action. The gear or armor you wear not only begins with your choices but also in your conduct. Your armor is shaped by your mind, the thoughts and choices you make which eventually shape your future. Our hope at SprockGear is to impact you to take action and clothe yourself in a spirit of … Truth, Peace & Faith. Put on your whole armor! (Ephesians 6:10-18)

We welcome you to our blog which serves as a platform for open discussion with our customers. We tell you the story behind our designs ~ let us know your reactions. Our hope is you will walk away feeling a bit inspired to take action ~ clothing yourself in the spirit of Truth and perhaps feeling inspired to make a big difference in those lives you encounter. Visit our store! With each purchase, SprockGear devotes a portion of proceeds to building youth scholarships for youth participating in their local youth ministries. We invite you to ┬áSTAY TUNED with us as we discuss more about our vision of empowering the ‘next generation’ leaders of this world!